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A bit of a catch up...

I started writing this post and have just realised, its way to long for a single post. So I have split it into 3 separate parts:

  • This post will go through some general catch up things,
  • Pixel Pals Update” has more details about whats been happening with Pixel Pals and its future,
  • Up and Coming” talks about what I’m going to be working on over the next few months.

So a lot has been happening since… looks at last post date… October 2011… oops! Yeah a little longer than it should be between posts I agree, but I’ll try a bit harder now. I’ve recently moved to Sweden with my girlfriend, big move I know, but the best thing about it is I can work on my apps full-time (for now). So I’m going to give a little run down of whats been going on, and what you have to look forward to in the future.

Right so first whats happened since the last blog. I’ve done a few updates to Pixel Pals and released a new game Colour Cubes (or for you Americans out there, Color Cubes). Colour Cubes is a logic board game where you have to link up all of the cubes on-screen to make them the same colour. There are different levels of difficulties where there size of the board changes and two modes. Classic where you try to complete the game in the fewest touches and Time Trial where you try to complete the game in the least amount of time. It’s great fun and a little addictive. It’s available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad (retina and all) and is priced at £0.69 or $0.99 (depending on where you are). Click here to download it now!

I’ve lately re-done my website, which can be found at: www.pigonahill.com. It’s about time really as I’ve only had a holding page up for the last 6 months or so, but that’s the joys of having a little more time on my hands. I’ve tried to make it simple yet functional. It’s totally CSS(3) and HTML(5). Only bits of JavaScript in there are the bits for Twitter and Facebook and it only took me 3 1/2 days :-). Let me know if you like it at: james@pigonahill.com

Right this is where the post splits off:

  • To read more about whats going on with Pixel Pals and, whats that, v2.0?!? Read about it HERE!
  • To read more about other projects I have in the pipeline, click HERE!

Thanks again for reading and see you all soon. 😄