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Up and Coming

I had to split up  and initial post “A bit of a catch up…” because it was too long. So here’s the part about what I’ve got planned for the next couple of months. Enjoy!

As I’ve mentioned, Pixel Pals is getting a v2.0, though this is a long-term project and so will take a little while (remember people it took 9 months to make the first time! :-P). I have another update for Colour Cubes v1.2, which will add ‘Game Center’ leader boards and achievements along with Twitter and Facebook integration so you can brag about your scores with your friends. But those are known apps, what about new things? Well I have two more apps that I’m making at the moment. One nearly finished, the other just starting off.

First, ‘Dog Bins’. You might have noticed on my Apps page on my new website that this has appeared. I’m not going to talk about what exactly it is here but in the next couple of weeks it should be finished enough for me to tell you a bit more. :-D Keep your eyes peeled as I will update my site and write a new post about it here, soon!

Second, Codename: ‘Drawing Drop’. This is really early in production so it’s really not going to out for a while, but I wanted to mention it so people know I’ve got things planned. Drawing Drop is going to be a physics based game using the Box2D engine. I have yet to decide whether I’m going to write the game using UIKit or OpenGL. I have used Cocos2D in the past (Colour Cubes v1.0 was written using it) but after time I didn’t feel like it was the greatest for me. It has some great features, but the ones I use mostly I have ether found better individual version (e.g. Finch for the sound engine) or made my own. Colour cubes v1.1 was completely rewritten using UIKit.) Box2D however is written in C++. I don’t know C++ so my first challenge is to learn it. Once that has been achieved, I can start properly on it. None of that stops me from designing parts of the game, like the user interface though. ;-)

Thirdly, (I know I said two, but I just remembered this and it’s not exactly a new app) I’m going to bring Colour Cubes to the Mac. I’m planning to make it compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 (Lion and Mountain Lion) I will try to get 10.6 in there as well, but I’m afraid no promises (it totally depends on how it goes at all).

Well that’s a nice and healthy list of things to do, I better get started.

Thanks for reading, and see you all soon!