Pig on a Hill Productions


As some people may or may not know, I moved to Sweden with my fiancée about 6 months ago. Since then I have started getting into Ice Hockey and as I always do with a these things, went to look for an app for it. After a quick scout around the App Store I couldn’t one that I really liked, so I decided to make one. Puck is the result of this and I think it looks awesome! It meant learning several new languages for making the backend but it’s always useful to have more knowledge of these things.

This first version allows you to see results, fixtures throughout the season, standings table, news from Hockeyligan.se and some team information (such as the number of times the team has made the finals, won the final, team founded, arena name, capacity and player rosters). You can also set your favourite team, ether via the teams tab or from the setting. Once you have set your favourite team the app will give you notifications on when a match is about to start. At the moment there are no live score notifications, however I am currently working on an update already that will add this feature, so stay tuned!

I welcome any suggestion or feature that people would like added to Puck, just email me at: james@pigonahill.com

Check out more details about Puck at: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ios/id571254467