Pig on a Hill Productions

Help Wanted!

I now would call my self ‘settled’ in my new town of Jönköping and so I am looking to expand the Pig on a Hill staff, to more than just me. :-D I have a loads of ideas for Apps and Games that I want to get started on and I really need some help and more expertise to achieve this. I am looking for people with some of the following talents:

  • App Developer (iOS mainly but Mac OS X and Android knowledge/willingness to learn would be great),
  • Graphic Designer (game design, logos, web design, etc),
  • Animator (2D mainly but who knows for the future),
  • Marketing and Promotion.

With all of the roles I am looking for people locally mainly (Jönköping, Sweden) but please don’t let that put you off if you’re not local. Send me a sample of your work and I’ll have a look at everything. I am looking to find people with drive to push themselves, myself and everybody in the team to go places we never though we could go on our own.

To get more details on all the job roles please goto the jobs page at: www.pigonahill.com/jobs.html

I look forward to seeing all of your stuff and talking more about new projects we have going here in what I am dubbing the NEW ‘Friday Blog’. Yeah very original name I know but this should hopefully keep you all more up to date with our weekly progress on projects and teasing you with secret ones.