Pig on a Hill Productions

Dog Bins

My new App ‘Dog Bins’ went live about 3 weeks ago. It’s an app that will show you where all the dog bins are near to you when you’re out for a walk with your dog. It’s currently in the data collection phase. As I can’t log all the dog bins around the world by myself it’s very easy for you, the user, to open the app and take a picture of a dog bin that isn’t on the system. The app is currently FREE and I urge all dog owners, walkers or anybody who like to see clean walkways with no poo on them.

The app will work worldwide so wherever you are, give it a go! There is also an accompanying web site that allows you to view all the dog bins on the system on your computer or mobile device. Find it at:


I’m currently working on an offline mode for the app so that you can store photos to upload when you get home as well as the ability to upload photos from the phone’s camera roll (if it has location information attached to it).

I really need people to help out with logging bins though so grab the app and take pictures as you see them. The whole experience is FREE so have a go!

Download from the App Store HERE!