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So much for an early night...

So I get into bed at 9pm this evening and am just dozing off. Finally an early night, nothing going through my brain for once apart from the tv show I was watching. Well there it is, have to turn that off don’t I. Oh and I left my washing in the machine. If I don’t put that in they dryer now, then they’re going to smell of damp tomorrow and it’s such a waste to have to wash them again! By the time I’ve finally got back into bed it’s 11.30pm and I have a million and one things in my head again and I can’t fall asleep.

So here I am, at 2.30am once again working on my app, when I should be soundly sleeping so I can get up at a decent time tomorrow and carry on with this in the hours of the living. :-) I do seem to work more productively at night though. I suppose it’s because there aren’t as many distractions. But you still can’t beat having the windows open on a sunny day while working. :-D

I’ve just managed to fix a problem that has been bugging for the last week or so, and with the simplest solution. As always, the things that bug you the most have simple solutions that are staring you in the face, but you never see them. A good playlist is always good though. At the moment I’m listening to “Jenny Owen Young- Transmitter Failure”. It’s a really good album, and I think I’ve got to look into more of her stuff.

I haven’t managed to do anymore with my splash screen since last I wrote. I did start to play around with it in Flash. I made a rather cool looking cloud image in Photoshop and then animated a few of them to make it look like the camera was panning down through them. Sadly I didn’t make the cloud image high enough quality and the motion that flash did with classic tween was awful. Shame, because I’ve always had so much success with animation in it before. I’ll try again with a higher quality image to see if that makes any difference, but I think I might need to look at another program. Photoshop does actually have animation abilities built-in thinking about it. Might have a nose around the Mac App Store as well, see whats around.

Anyway, back to work, or to bed. I’ve not decided yet.

Till next time. 😄