Pig on a Hill Productions

First Up and Live

So since my last scribblings a lot has been going on. I’ve finished my degree at Oxford Brookes Uni getting a 1st Class Honours in Sound Technology and Digital Music. It all feels a bit weird that I’m all finished and done with Uni now, the last 3 years have just gone so fat. It’s one of those thing people tell you when you start, but you never believe them.

Along with that I’ve had my first website and first app go live. The website was done for a company called Octavo Pictures and was done in conjunction with one of my graphic design friends Emilia Buggins. Emilia and I have worked together in the past on her website but this was our first joint venture on a site that wasn’t for our selves.

If you want to take a look it can be found at: www.octavopictures.co.uk

My first app was ‘Pixel Pals’ which is a digital pet that you can look after. Its done in the 8-bit classic style and allows you to have a Penguin or a Dinosaur as a pet. I think it’s gone really well and this was the app I made for my dissertation, though it has had a lot of changes to it since then. I’ve also brought out an update for it lately which allows you to wake up your creature to feed it, or send it to sleep if it’s tired.

I have a second update that I’m just finishing off at the moment which adds a ‘Find and Seek’ mini game to it and possibly some rotation options for the iPad version. It should hopefully be finished and out soon so keep an eye out.

I have more mini games that I’m going to make, along with some awesome creatures. However if anyone has any suggestion just send me an email to: james@pigonahill.com

Pixel Pals can be found on the iOS App Store or just CLICK HERE!

Well, lunch is over, better get back to work.

See you all soon. 😄